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On 80 kilometers of indented coastline, in coves and bays, there are 6 picturesque places. Like our planet, more than three-quarters of the surface of this Riviera is covered by first-class seas. From anywhere, on a narrow coastal surface, you can see a large blue, and the real magic happens when we start to immerse ourselves in it, whether we just want to swim on its surface or we want to descend to its depths. The richness of flora and fauna further enhances the pleasure of being in this area.  Wild untouched nature on the one hand, and comfortable hotels, campsites and apartments, with rich facilities, on the other hand, provide ideal conditions for a holiday.

The south of Istria with Medulin Riviera and Pula

The south of Istria, like other regions on the peninsula, offers countless opportunities to engage in sports activities and stay in nature.

It’s up to you just to choose the path you’re going to take. Whether shorter or longer, lighter or more demanding will certainly give you a view of the sea, islets, harbors, cultural and historical sights and natural beauties.

Uphill and downhill will appeal to recreational, families with children, as well as athletes looking for top preparations in the fresh sea air and pine forests.


Welcome to 3,000 years of history! Pula’s history begins with the myth of the Argonauts and the search for the golden fleece, through the Histri, romans and Venetians, the central Austrian port, to today’s modern, largest cultural and economic center of Istria. Various layers of history have knitted a unique urban fabric where Roman temples defy Baroque palaces, early Christian churches stand opposite Austrian villas, and the remains of medieval walls are interspersed with ancient city gates.

Once a fishing village today a modern tourist center, Medulin offers a dynamic and content-rich holiday. Everything is subordinate to tourism. In the whole year there is a bank, ATMs, post offices, doctors’ offices, pharmacy, green market, car wash, a number of shops, souvenir shops, jewelry stores, hairdressers, galleries. The fun is varied, from discos that work until morning to dance terraces.

The unique Medulin sandy beach, Bijeca, one kilometer long, attracts families with small children. Nature lovers choose a campsite where they will be protected from the too bright sun by centuries-old pine trees. Naturists will come to Medulin for their own if they want unfettered contact with nature. Young visitors will not lack fun and nightlife.

If you want more comfortable accommodation, there are family hotels or larger ones by the sea that are constantly being renovated. On the Medulin grasslands, mostly in winter, athletes are prepared, primarily footballers and athletes. The climate is ideal for winter preparations. The average daily temperature in January is 6.2 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for sports and recreation. April with an average of 11 and May at 16 degrees are the ideal time to ride a bike or maybe ride this predominantly plains landscape. Here, in the area with the fishing tradition, discover the pleasures of local cuisine – crab salad, black risotto or brodetto. If you prefer a meat menu, there is Istrian prosciutto, whether you like pasta, fuži with veal žgvacet, or maybe aromatic specialties with the famous truffles.

Do you want adventure? Head to one of the islets of the Medulin archipelago – Ceja, Levan or Bodulaš. Go fishing with local fishermen or dive into the underwater realm of silence. Maybe you prefer the aerial view? For you, a panoramic flight is a sports plane. Do not miss to look at the old windmills by the sea, the archaeological site of Vižula with the remains of Roman villas or walk to the Medulin puddle with ducklings. The choice is varied, and it’s up to you to choose.

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In the extreme southeast of Istria, in the landscape of the Mediterranean vegetation of brnistra, lies the fishing and arable village of Ližnjan-Lisignano, which overlooks the Kvarner Bay from the hill until the islands of Cres and Lošinj. The municipality of Ližnjan-Lisignano also includes the nearby villages of Valtura, Muntić, Jadreške and Šišan. The distant yet touching history of these spaces is written in the remains of the Roman settlement Vizače (Nesactium) not far from Valtura, and in the church of our Lady of The, it has left us with a preserved early Christian mosaic.

This secluded corner of the clear sea and indented coastline, which plunges into it with rock and gravel, will reveal to every intention the beauty of this 28 kilometers long undeveloped coastline. The picturesque harbor will tell you that you are in a place that has lived on the benefits of the underwater world since ancient times. Try seafood specialties and take a sip of Istrian Malvasia or Teran, experience a piece of life here. A distinctive feature of the fauna is given by the yellow beekeeper bird, an endemic and protected species that inhabits marlera, in summer, serenely and undisturbed in the natural environment.

For lovers of horseback riding, the Libor riding sports center offers the services of equestrian sports and riding school, and for those whose passion is hunting, a hunting area is offered to enjoy, which hides wild rabbits, partridges, pheasants, deer and boars in its dense oak forests. If you would rather dive into the depths of the sea, the underwater world along the coast of Marlera and partly in the kuje bay area, will reveal one of the last meadows of flowering Voga. Not a small number of private renters have accommodation facilities, and the oddity here is not even agritourism. Look for one of the country houses and make sure that it is nice to be and live in the south of Istria.


In the protected part of medulin bay, in pomer you will find a pebble and rocky beach where everyone will find a quiet place either in the sun or in the shade of pine trees. Pomer is a favorite camping destination, and besides enjoying swimming, it offers the possibility of entertainment with some of the many water sports. Pomer is a favorite camping destination, and besides enjoying swimming, it offers the possibility of entertainment with some of the many water sports.


Banjolci have always been tied to the sea and fishing. That’s why the best seafood restaurants are still here today. The old truth is that the best fish is eaten by fishermen. Those who want to prepare their own fish should head to the port with the first rays of the sun, wait for the fishermen and get fresh catches with them. If you are staying with a fisherman, you may have the opportunity to join him and have an unforgettable experience at sea.

Out of about a thousand inhabitants of this village, almost all of them are engaged in tourism. In addition to apartments in family houses, banjol’s offer stands out with small family campsites with a capacity of up to 30 people. By the sea in a pine forest overlooking the islets there is also a larger campsite with a range of sports and entertainment facilities.

Athletes and recreational athletes in the village have at their disposal one grass football field and four tennis courts. In Banjole all year round they work a private kindergarten, shops, a gas station and a car wash. Two private doctors’ offices were also opened – neurological and ocularist.

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